What's not covered?

We're sure you already know this, but Pet Insurance is meant to protect you and your pet against future health events -- just like car insurance or renters insurance. This simply means that we cannot cover any pre-existing conditions or health issues that are associated with them. 

For a complete list of what is not covered, feel free to view our sample Illness & Injuries policy.

Pre-existing Conditions

In determining which Conditions are Pre-Existing, we look at the 18 months preceding the Policy Effective Date and exclude any Conditions that were Present during that period. Conditions that are Present during the policy Waiting Periods are also deemed to be Pre-Existing Conditions. Please note, the following Conditions are deemed Pre-Existing Conditions if they are Present at any time preceding the Policy Effective Date or the expiration of any Waiting Period:

  1. Chronic Conditions.
  2. Bilateral Conditions, if your Pet had at any time any Pre-Existing Conditions consistent with that same Bilateral Condition on either side of the body.
  3. Intervertebral disc Conditions, if your Pet had at any time any Pre-Existing Conditions involving the intervertebral discs (due to either degeneration or trauma).

Preventative Care

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Wellness exams; vaccinations or titer tests; parasite control (e.g., flea control, tick control, heartworm medication, and deworming); and dental care.
  2. Elective and cosmetic procedures, including, but not limited to tail docking, ear cropping, declawing, dew claw removal, and ear cleaning.
  3. Spaying or neutering at any time or for any reason unless recommended by your Veterinarian following a Condition that involves damage to the reproductive organs. Cryptorchidism and retained ovarian remnants are not Illnesses for the purpose of this exclusion and are not covered.
  4. Claims for Pets found to be healthy and presenting with no clinical symptoms.

We do provide optional Routine Care plans which can be added on to any base insurance policy. 

Other Exclusions:

We do not cover the costs, fees, or expenses associated with:

  1. Treatments, therapies, and services described under the Supplemental Benefits coverage, if this coverage is not purchased at enrollment; 
  2. Any prescription or over-the-counter medications that are not included in our formulary of covered medications;
  3. Administrative charges for the processing of insurance claims and/or sending medical records;
  4. Injuries due to any intentional act, including organized dog fighting, that involves you or a member of your household;
  5. Breeding and Conditions related to pregnancy;
  6. Boarding and transport expenses, including ambulance transportation;
  7. Complications of or diagnostic tests, treatments, therapies, and/ or medications related to Conditions not covered or restricted by this policy;
  8. Anal gland expression;
  9. Bedding, housing, crates, cages, ramps, bowls, feeding, exercise, pet foods, supplements, grooming, nail trims, toys, clothes, leashes, collars, biohazardous waste fees, and treats;
  10. Any Condition resulting from activities related to training for or participating in racing, including track or sled racing;
  11. Any Accident, Condition, or Cruciate Ligament Event with respect to which the Policyholder was advised by a Veterinarian to take preventive measures, and did not meet the terms;
  12. Alternative and Holistic Treatments;
  13. Experimental therapies and medications, including any therapy for which there are no published articles in peer-reviewed journals for the indicated Condition;
  14. Conditions arising from a repetitive and specific activity that leads to decontamination (e.g., the induction of vomiting), medical, or surgical treatment of your Pet, if the same or a similar activity occurred two times within 18 months prior to the treatment date, whether before or after the Policy Effective Date;
  15. Training and treatment of Behavioral Conditions, with the exception of consultations and prescription medications (if the appropriate Supplemental Benefits are purchased);
  16. Cremation and burial;
  17. Losses that arise from a nuclear reaction, radiation, radioactive contamination, or the discharge of a nuclear device or a chemical, biological, biochemical, or electromagnetic weapon, device, agent, or material, whether controlled or uncontrolled, accidental or otherwise; or
  18. Losses that arise from war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, strikes, riots, or civil commotion.