What does this claim status mean?

After submitting a claim, you may notice the status change as our claims adjusters begin to process it. Below is an explanation of what each status means.

Claims Status

  • Submitted -  The claim has been successfully submitted but a claims adjuster has not begun working on it. 
  • Pending - A claims adjuster has begun processing the claim. During this time, the adjuster may request more information from the vet and will reach out to the pet owner if more assistance is needed. 
  • Withdrawn - The pet owner has withdrawn the claim for a number of reasons. This sometimes happens if the pet owner accidentally submits the same claim twice or  submits a claim for another pet.
  • Denied - The claim has been processed and has been denied. Some reasons include submitting a claim for an event that happened before purchasing a policy, additional coverage options were not elected at purchase, a pre-existing condition made the event ineligible for coverage.
  • Deductible - The claim has been processed and approved. The reimbursement has been applied to the deductible and deductible has not yet been met.
  • Paid - The claim has been processed and approved. A reimbursement payment has been sent.