How do I update my policy plan?

We are happy to make changes to your policy plan at any time. To update your plan, please contact our Happiness Squad to make your desired changes!


You may lower your premium at any time. Downgrades can be a:

You can request a change of this kind at any time by contacting our Happiness Squad, but your future claims will be held to the new lower benefit level.


Conversely, you may be eligible to upgrade your policy, but these changes can only be made on your Policy Renewal Date. Upgrades are limited to:

  • Increase in Co-Insurance, e.g. moving from 70% Co-Insurance to 80%, or a
  • Decrease in your Annual Deductible.
Please contact our Happiness Squad to check your eligibility.

New Policy

If you want to:

  • Add any Supplemental Benefit, or
  • Increase your Annual limit

We will require that you cancel your current policy and that we issue a new one with new Waiting Periods, a new Policy Effective Date, and a new Policy Renewal Date. Cancelling your current policy and starting a new policy will result in the Pre-existing Conditions exclusion being applied at the Policy Effective Date of the new policy. This means that any Condition showing signs or symptoms at the time you request the change or during the Waiting Period will be considered Pre-Existing to the new policy and any related claims will be denied.

Routine Care

  • Add/Remove/Change - You may add, remove or change Routine Care Basic or Plus plans at renewal.
  • Cancel - Should you wish to cancel Routine Care Midterm, this will require the cancellation of the base insurance policy as well. There will also be a twelve-month Waiting Period before you will be eligible to apply for Routine Care for your Pet, should you decide to add it back on.