How do I access the 24/7 Vet Chat?

As a part of the Odie family, you get FREE 24/7 Virtual Vet support! 

With our 24/7 Televet support, you can chat with a licensed veterinarian without leaving the comfort of your home. Ask questions, show photos or videos, and get help fast to know IF and WHEN you might need to schedule an appointment.

Feel free to ask questions such as:

  • My dog has a weird rash, what should I do?
  • My cat is very anxious, how can I help him relax?
  • My senior dog is barking at the wall… is this normal?
  • My pet is limping, can I help him from home?

How do I access the 24/7 Virtual Vet?

  1. Log into your Odie Member Account from any device.
  2. Click on the purple box that reads Receive 24/7 online care from the menu bar.
  3. First time users will need to Create an Account. Existing users can click on Sign In.
  4. Enter your login information and click Go.
  5. Begin your session by typing in your question. And that's it!

If you experience any difficulties, please reach out to our Happiness Squad for support.