How are claim refunds calculated?

Coinsurance then deductible reimbursement method

Odie pet insurance uses a direct reimbursement method when calculating claims refunds. We first take a look at all line items and determine which ones are eligible for coverage under your chosen policy plan. Next, the co-insurance is subtracted from the entire covered charges and then any remaining annual deductible is taken from the smaller amount.

Let's take a look at an example. For this example, we'll assume a $500 annual deductible and a 90% reimbursement plan has been selected. 

$1,500 Actual Vet Bill
-  $150

10% Co-insurance
(90% Reimbursement Percentage)

-  $ 500 Remaining Annual Deductible
$850 Reimbursement Amount

You've taken your pet the vet and submitted for a $1,500 bill. First, the 10% Co-insurance ($150) is factored leaving you with $1,350 remaining. Then, the $500 deductible is taken and the total reimbursement is $850